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Lesson learned: ALWAYS ask for a supervisor!

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My license was issued on 3/31, so I thought I'd call in today to see if they had a chance to print it and mail it out. The call taker looked up my social security number, laughed, and said that they weren't even close to starting on January's applications yet (I mailed mine on 12/29, they received it on 01/05). I asked her to look it up by my reference number instead - she read back the one shown on her screen, which matched what I was given last week. "I'm certain that it hasn't been started yet. We're not even done with early December yet".

I then asked to speak with a supervisor, and was connected to a nice lady who mentioned something about the "Public Inquiry Division" not having full access to the latest license updates. I'm guessing that the person who initially takes your call is part of this division. She went on to tell me that my license was actually issued on 03/31, printed on 03/02, and "was probably mailed" on 04/06. I asked her why the other person I spoke with gave me completely different information -- her reply was a brief awkward silence, followed by a giggle and "I honestly do not know, sir".

She mentioned that it would take 10-14 days to receive my license now that it's been mailed, but I doubt it'll take that long. USPS isn't quite as slow as the state is. ;)
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They are told to NOT put you through to a supervisor and tell you things like, "there's nothing they're going to be able to tell you that I can't", and "hold on...let me try again. What was you social security number again?"

and "they haven't even looked at it yet, you're looking at at least a couple more months".

I think they have a script in front of them and work their way down the list until one works to get you off the phone.

Persistance is the only way to get through to a supervisor and creative tactics can't hurt in times like this. I would say being polite but intensely persistant is the only way.

With nothing concrete to base it off, I believe that getting a supervisor on the phone will cut at least 4-6 weeks off your wait.
I've read plenty of horror stories about not being able to talk to a supervisor, but having called half a dozen times now over the last 14 days, I haven't had that problem once. The call taker usually says "okay, please hold" and 30 seconds - 5 minutes later, a supervisor answers the line.

They must just hate you guys or something. :(
Just curious, why have you spoken to a supervisor a half dozen times? From what I've seen, once or twice normally results in a cwp being issued......
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