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I think you get 3 Andy, here's why. The first shot starts the party. The equation reduces to 2 to 1 immediately because the first guy is down when the other two hear that first shot. Party starts with just 2 if you're going to engage offensively. Make that first shot good, you've probably got the other two within a second [ and that's stretching it really ].

Back and forth as necessary from that point. I think that first guy gets taken out, the scenario gets much easier.
Are all of them still armed and ready or are two of them busy collecting stuff (and their hands occupied as such), with only one BG running "security" as it were? I'd want to take out the guy who is just simply armed and watching the others, figuring that it might take the "collectors" a few extra seconds to drop what they're doing and then draw to return fire. Hopefully, enough time for me to GTFO, or to get them 1st and then GTFO.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts