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They aren't capable of teaching anything other than what they were taught, trained in for decades, became quite proficient at, then became instructors of FSP themselves. Once entrenched in the shooting community, they've shown themselves to be protective of their bottom line by decrying anything other than their FSP that may take students from them.
There's a world of difference between being able to perform the threat focused skills and having enough time in grade to remedial others when sometimes their students have questions.

104 views, 4 people have responded. I knew this one wasn't going to gain any traction. I was hoping it opened up a good discussion from members asking sundry questions. Now if I'd added something political to the thread, we'd see a lot more postings. ;)

Now that I know longer train others across the country, I enjoy throwing up all manner of discussions about FSP vs threat focused skills courses because NOW, I can't be accused of hawking the skills for profit and having an agenda based on my bottom line.

HOLD THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've taken both but it wasn't until I found your many posts here early in the last decade and then travelled hundreds of miles from DPRofMD to take your course at Volusia Co that I recognized right away that the skills you imparted on students we're not mere marksmanship, but fighting handgun skills! Unfortunately, the skills you taught are mostly not taught any more.

You said it yourself in the OP, there are virtually NO instructors ANYWHERE that know how to teach TFP skills; it's so foreign to most that it must be "snake oil." So when FSP instruction is all that's available, those wanting to learn something more don't even know what "more" is to search for TFP instructors! All the so called "experts" only know FSP.

ETA: I couldn't "discuss" earlier because I was visiting my mom and couldn't spend enough time digesting your OP and formulating a response. However, there are so few here on FCC anymore that have experienced TFP instruction, there won't likely be many to discuss much. Unfortunately, the numbers are dwindling on both sides of the issue, instructors AND students wanting to learn it!
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