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Specifically designed to address the needs / requirements of the fairer sex, is our Ladies Only Advanced Carry Class...

For this class we've taken our existing Advanced Concealed Carry class and adapted it to specifically meet the needs of the female Concealed Weapons Permit holder. Added to the standard course will be drawing from and shooting through handbags, firearm and ammunition selection, female specific concealed carry options, and self-defense techniques for the lady that carries. This will be an extended class lasting all day instead of the normal 4 hours: One Day / $200

Class addresses various techniques for carrying a handgun concealed. This pistol course will guide you through the basics of utilizing your firearm under stress conditions and what to do if you are involved in a shooting - post shooting trauma, mind set and personal awareness. Areas covered include: Concealed carry holsters and options, drawing from concealed carry, ammunition selection, stance, trigger control, realistic ranges. Course includes an introduction to firearms retention techniques, close-quarter shooting, pre-fight and post-fight issues.
Ammunition Required: 100-150 rounds

Prerequisites: All students must have a concealed weapons permit. Additional Equipment: Along with the standard strong side carry holster, an inside-the-pants holster for your firearm is required. Please dress for the class in same clothing you would NORMALLY wear while carrying your firearm (no open toe shoes, no v neck tops).

When: April 12th at Okeechobee Shooting Sports.....Limited space.
Feb 2nd at Gun World of South Florida in Deerfield Beach....Limited space.

Book Now: https://www.floridafirearmstraining.com/Reservation_Form.html
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