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Knife laws in Florida

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Can somebody translate the knife laws in florida? I have seen charts of how long, folder or auto, and all this others stuff, but here is my questions:

How long (folded or open)?

Auto or folder?

Does having a concealed carry permit change anything?


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"common pocket knife"

A "common pocket knife" in cop terms is a folder that the blade does not exceed 3" sharpened on one side only, and the blade is not over 3.5" total.
That is what you can carry in your pocket if you have no permit.
The law will allow you to carry a large hunting knife in plane sight. Not a dirk, dagger, or sword.
It has been a common practice in the biker world for over the past 40 years for them to wear a least a Buck Folding Hunter in plane sight on their belt at all times. Even convicted felons can legally do this once they're not on probation/parole.
As, to the question why, answer is cause most can't legally carry a gun.
As far as "legal front & side opening switchblades" are concerned, to legally carry one in Florida it had to be manufactured in Florida.
You can legally own Italian or whatever, but it must be made in Floridia to carry, and as you know, you must have concealled weapons permit.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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