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Kershaw vs. Brownie Pop

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First off I want to thank Brownie for the excellent detailed instructions on his "Pop" technique along with all his other great knowledge shared here :thumsup. My question is I have a $30 Kershaw knife that has a cool little lever for the index finger tip and a cam driven blade that flies out with the touch of the finger. The thumb stub can also activate this cam where the blade will fly out with the least bit of effort. In my searches here I have not seen any recommendations with these knives. Is this a good fighter? It seems to have a good locking mechanism. The blade really holds a good edge too. For me this knife comes out much faster and easier than the Pop method.

I have notice with all my folders and my friend's folders that I have to push the blade out slightly with the thumb before I can Pop it out. Is this the proper procedure or should I be able to Pop it without touching the blade (thumb stub).
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Good morning sir. Thanks for your thoughts.

It sounds like you have an assisted opening folder from your description, they are by nature not going to be popped well if at all. The design requires an "assist" which then activates the spring bar to push the knife open.

The size of the knife/blade on the Kerhaw may also not be conducive to popping it. The smaller bladed folders are harder to pop, and one really has to have practiced the skill a lot to get them to open.

The pop is usually for a bigger folder of 3.5-5" blade length where the weight allows the pop to open the them as soon as it clears the pocket. I can pop a 2.5" bladed folder reliably, but that's getting at the point where anything less and it's a no go.

Is the locking mechanism a linerlock type? They can be problematic with releasing the blade when any lateral stress is encountered, and are subject to wearing [ the lock liner ] thereby making them less safe over time and with considerable use.

Hope that answers your question. I'm happy to hear you've experimented with the Pop. With another type of knife, you'd probably have it down in no time. When you pop, the handle is pulled away from the blade, there isn't any need to touch the blade.
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I've got a couple of Kershaws...one Ken Onion Leek and a Blur....They pop just fine, Brownie, but you need to add a little down motion to the process, not just the straight up motion...not much, but a little. I still think it's faster than using the lever or thumbstud....gross motor skill and all that.

The ones that I have are both liner locks, not lock backs.
Thanks for the info. This has helped me understand your method a little better. My knife is a liner-lock (had to do some research first to find out) and a 2.5" blade. Can you recommend the least expensive 3.5" knife you know of that is good for the "Pop" and is also a good fighter? I'd like to give it a try. I don't have a lot of spare cash right now as I just today bought a new Glock 23!

PS I am from Little Rock originally and was there back in the early 90's when you first showed your POP to the public. Wish I would have been there then :thumsup
Linerlocking folders will be easier to "pop" for the most part [ you already know what I think of the liner lock though ].

I'd suggest the Spyderco Endura at 3.8" blade length and lock back design [ very strong locking system ], but there's also the Benchmade Axis lock, real easy to pop and just as strong as a lock back IMO. They're going to be a little more expensive.

Pick a design you like [ blade shape ] and handle shape wirth one of the locking mechanisms mentioned and you'll be good to go.
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