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Kel-tec P32 or P3AT

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Any opinions on the kel-tec models? Have found both for sale. Love the little guns.
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Like them too. I have a PF-9 and am very pleased. My only comment on the P3-AT is that, while it is slightly smaller and will fit in a back pocket holster (PF-9 is big enough to require a front pocket holster if you carry this way) it still hasn't quite the "authority" of a 9MM round AND the .380 ammo is virtually unobtainable right now.
I own a P-32 but consider the P3AT a better option. If I were to buy one today it would be the P3AT due to the .380 round being a good bit better than the .32.
I carry a P-11 as my EDCW. Quarter of an inch thicker than a PF-9 and you get 13 rounds (12+1).
but the triggers are better on the PF-9.
I had a .32 but sold it and bought a .380 when they came out.

Almost identical size and weight, why not go for a bit more power?
The .380 is also immune from "rimlock", the bane of the .32 round.
I have and like both. I prefer the .380 for a couple of reasons, first it has a little more punch. Second, as Al mentioned the .32 requires care in loading the magazine with HP ammunition due to rim lock. I had that happen a couple of times before I realized it. Glad it was at the range instead of a parking lot.

A couple of things I don't like about the P3AT;
The slide does not lock back when the last round is fired.
The ejector is easy to lose if one is not careful. The first time I cleaned mine it came out, and landed on the floor. I had no idea what it was and had to consult the manual.

The P3AT is also a bear to assemble because the slide does not lock back, and one almost needs 3 hands to get the pin in.

While I consider the .380 ACP to be the bare minimum in a defensive caliber, the .32 ACP is certainly better than harsh language or a finger in the eye. ;)

Having said that, I think that the Kel-Tec pistols in those calibers have an excellent 'power-to-weight ratio', for lack of a better term. They are ridiculously small and light compared to so-called pocket pistols of the early 20th century chambered in .32 and .380. My wife has a Beretta 84F in .380 ACP; sure, it holds twice as many rounds as the Kel-Tec, but it's also three times as big.

I think it's a mistake to carry one as a primary defensive weapon, but as a last-ditch holdout piece meant to be carried a lot and shot a little, they excel. And the fact that they're not outrageously expensive doesn't hurt either. :thumsup
I have the 3PAT and it has worked flawlessy at the range. It isn't a lot of fun to shoot, but it goes bang every time. Can't beat the size/weight of this gun.
.32 or .380

I have both, as my .32 was the only one offered at the time. Given the extra power, go .380a
P3AT is the way to go. No rimlock and it's slightly larger size fits the hand better. I slip two layers of bicycle tubing over the grip to smooth it out and fatten it up a bit. Makes it even better ;)

I got one and love it...just found ammo so I can put some more round down range.

I like the P3AT because both guns are almost exactly the same size & well, .380 is bigger than .32. I've found that the pinky extension on the mags make it LOTS more controllable & comfy to shoot. I have just under 500 rnds thru mine but have had to cut back on shooting it because .380 is hard to find.

Beware though, these Kel-Tecs seem to multiply - since I bought the P3AT I have added a P-11 & have been eyeing a PF9...

Found the Hard Chrome P3AT used after months of searching. Awesome score IMO. I still carry my XD, but I always carry my KT as a BUG or by itself for Florida ultra-light dress. I forget it's in my pocket at times. I also looked at the PF9, but it's too big to be considered a pocket carry imo. The priority for this particular gun hunt for me was ability to comfortably pocket carry.
From the relatively good reviews I've read of the P3AT, I'd go with that; also, because there seems to have been more development in the improvement of the .380ACP round than there has been with .32ACP.

I love my PT92, but the size makes it hard to carry down here in the heat.

I love my P3AT, just made some changes to suite me.
Finger extension is nice, but I like the +1 magazine extension more, it's metal. Plus a metal magazine catch.
Hogue Handall Jr grip installed upside down and trimmed, fits a little tighter with a piece of inner tube under it. It's thicker in the middle, makes a much better grip.
Wearing my mini tuck, you can hardly tell I have it.

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Went to the Gun show in WPB last weekend and I did not see one P3AT. I saw a bunch of over priced guns though, specifically a Taurus PT92AF just like mine, used and abused and the guy wanted $495, not kidding you.
I went to buy a new gun and everything was so overpriced it was terrible. The main reason being that Shoot Straight out of Orlando wasn't there. They are always the largest vendor with the lowest prices by far so other vendors have to compete with them. Whenever they aren't at the gun show everything goes up 50% or so.

That sounds like the shows in Utah.
I would love to have a P3AT or even a PF9. Next bit of disposable income I get...
I ended up getting a Beretta Tomcat 3032. Love it. Now I'm still deciding what .380 to get when the time comes.
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