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Kahr PM9 9mm Micro compact double action only

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Here's the breakdown:

Caliber 9x19 Luger/Parabellum; Capacity 6+1; Trigger weight 7-10 pounds; Barrel 3.0" with polygonal rifling; Overall length 5.3"; Height 4.0"; Slide width .90"; Weight 15.9 ounces (with magazine); Sights fixed, low profile combat type; Magazines one 6-round with flush baseplate, and one 7-round with grip extension.

It feeds the Win Ranger 124 gr hp bonded bullets reliably as well as the Win Ranger 147 hp I normally carry in the larger guns. I'm going to carry the 124 gr bonded bullets in this gun for now due to the 3" barrel.

It's not as light or as small as my Kel-tec p32, but it has almost 3x's the horsepower on-board, much easier sights to use [ both are dovetail cut into the slide and are identical to the Sig's sights ] and consequently I should be able to extend the effective useful range of this gun over the Kel P32.

This one had 170 rds through her already when I took possession. I had field stripped it, put some xf7 grease from MD Labs on the slide rails, the barrel end where the slide locks it up in battery, and the barrel link which made the gun feel smoother in cycling when it went back to together.

Shot 150 [ 3 boxes ] of Winchester white box through it, using both the carry mag and the secondary with the finger extension. I like the trigger a lot. Though it is rated at 7-10 pounds from the factory, it just does not seem that heavy to me, more like 5-6 pounds with no stacking on mine.

I could not shoot under 30 feet on the public range [ range rules ] with it as I didn't have the time to get out to the desert and went to Rio Solado's gun range instead. Shooting at a 10" black circle at that distance produced groups of just over 3 inches slow fire [ accuracy testing ] when I used the sights, standing, two handed, all shots COM.

Using threat focused skills two handed at a good shot pace, all shots were well inside the 10" circle and averaged about 7 inches for each mag. One handed at 2 rds a second, they opened up and I was keeping 5 of the 6 rds inside the 10" circle with usually one making it barely outside that 10".

This gun was made for personal protection. It's not a fighting gun like a G26 or g17 is. It's a defensive gun, primarily for use up at the closer distances we'll usually encounter problems on the streets.

Out to 10-12 feet or less, the rds will be where I want them, without having to think about it much. It's accurate and has real useable sights for those times we may need to take a longer precision shot for some reason. Recoil was surprisingly mild for a 9mm this size [ not what I expected, but it does move in the hand ], probably due to the captured dual recoil spring which takes the recoil out of the G26 as well.

I threw two mags of Winchester Ranger 124 bonded's down range at the same distance, not much more recoil at all, certainly not enough to make a difference in the shots to me.

No MALFS at all on this range trip with the PM9.

There's a full thread with several people giving their impressions of theirs here as well:

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Brownie, great range report. Bought my PM9 last month. Field stripped it and cleaned it (mainly removed the gun grease that came with it and reoiled critical parts). Followed the breakin recommendations and had no FTF. Only one time about 100 rounds into the breakin did the slide not lock back after the mag was empty. Shooting WWB and believe that the round was weak. No problems after about 550 more rounds through it using WWB, PMC, Atlanta Arms range ammo, Speers Gold Dot short barrel and Federal HST LE rounds. This has become my carry gun of choice. Have a Sig239 and H&K 45C but like the pocket carry capabilities of the Kahr. Surprisingly accurate for a short barrel lightweight piece.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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