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Just ordered 1000rds.

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Got tired of trying to find ammo (9mm) and encountering either one of two scenarios. The first being not finding it at all, and the second, finding it but not wanting to pay 2 if not 3 times the normal price. I bit the bullet (lol) and ordered 1000 rounds of Fiocchi 130gr. FMJ. At 289.00 shipped (about $14 and change per box) I figured I might as well get it while I can. I found it at ammoman.com BTW.

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Natchez has been out of most everything for over a month, now.
That's where I've been getting my range ammo, as well. $19/50 for Independence and Fiochhi .45ACP. Haven't priced their 9mm or .40, but that's not a bad price, JT. Thanks for the info.

Bought 1000rnds of .45ACP and 1000rnds of 9mm from GA Arms yesterday at the gunshow. Even their prices have gotten a little stiff ($40/100 for .45).
Independence is fine for range ammo, Jim. That's what I've been using as of late. It's made by Federal, and is about a half-step below their American Eagle product. Works fine, just a little dirty.

That's not a bad case price, either, considering what I just paid for 1000rnds of Ga Arms .45ACP.
Two? Try 7 over two days for their annuals! :rolf
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