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JSO to loose approx. 90 Officers

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Budget axe hits JSO, Sheriff announces he has to cut approx. 90 officers. Which Sheriffs office is next? Who knows, but one thing is for sure the criminal population is still growing. Response times are expected to increase. Public safety officers are no more, mounted officers are gone, this leaves patrol units to take up the slack. STAY FROSTY JAX!
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Before you all go ballistic here, check and see how many of these positions are vacant. Most law enforcement agencies are carrying a lot of vacant positions at the moment, as they simply can't find qualified personnel to fill them.

Still, I wonder how many social programs Jacksonville is cutting.
We don't have any vacancies, Mac. We were getting ready to utilize federal funds to hire 50 additional officers.

The 92 positions that will be cut are 'community service' officers, not fully-sworn positions.

They all ready cut 9.7mil from their budget...this would be an additional 10m.

In answer to your other question, none, but they tried to whack the annual Veteran's day parade...largest in the state....Surprised?

This sux, plain and simple.
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