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join the NRA

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we need all the help we can get. there is power in numbers. it will be the best 35.00 you ever spent:ak
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Well, I am not a member of NRA. I'm not sure if I will be but at the moment funds are not set aside for this membership.

I do agree that there is powers in numbers, but I also agree that even when everyone of a like mind does not sign up for something like this that the power of networking takes over. I say this because we have an unbelievable network of homeschooling that is not particularly obvious on the surface. Not every homeschooler is a member of HSLDA. When California attempted to make homeschooling illegal just a couple of months ago there was a surge of protest that inundated their legal system and their decision was reversed. I'm not sure they saw that coming. Sleeping giant does not even begin to describe the homeschooling movement.

Having said that there are millions of gun owners who are not members of NRA. That is not a sign that they don't care but each for their own reason simply has not joined. I daresay that each non-NRA member will rise to the occasion when needed. For now I lay low knowing that nothing is worse than a sleeping giant that has been disturbed.

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