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Hope everyone liked the article on Mr. Bryce. There are gems of wisdom in the previous three posts if people look hard enough where staying alive with a firearm is concerned. It takes commitment to develop the skills and be able to "run the gun" subconsciously. It takes an understanding of the importance of developing the eye/hand coordination [ the proprioceptors ] that allow a person to react, hit what they are looking at without looking at the gun, and do it with speed instinctively.

I wonder how many members here actually take the time to push their draw stroke practice to a level beyond what they believe possible? How many choose their holster selections based on it's ability to help them reduce their draw stroke to first COM shot instead of choosing a holster that hinders their physical potential? Re-read the article again, perhaps it will get some to consider how they carry more carefully in the future.

A great read Brownie! You have a uncanny ability to get your point across and tying together your thoughts on training.

1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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