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I grew up in that country. My Dad grew up with a little .22 rifle. He tells stories of betting the truck drivers at the local grocery store. He'd bet them a box of .22's to a Coke that he could hit an alka-seltzer bottle (back then they were glass tubes about 1" x 6"). He never paid for ammo.

They had to make it harder so they bet him he couldn't hit a quarter. He was still getting free ammo.

Finally, they were betting him heads or tails and then he says he had to buy a few Cokes, but still got more ammo than he could shoot.

I was never that good. But I didn't shoot as much as he did.

I finally outshot him last year when we went quail hunting. Kinda hurt me actually to see him slow down a bit.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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