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Interesting weekend at Shooters with their Ruger sponsored sale. I had already decided to get the little .380 LCP before going in there but stood back to watch for awhile. All types of folks clamoring to get one of the two popular models--the LCR and the LCP. Ruger also brought the Mini 14 and 30 rifles as well as some other handgun models. I dropped in on Friday evening about 45 minutes before closing thinking it might not be so crowded but I was wrong. While hanging back I overheard one of the sales dudes talking to another co-worker that 'Ruger brought 1000 LCPs and at the rate they were selling they might not last through Sunday.' I am inclined to believe that might be close to the truth because they were selling like crazy. After scouting things out I went back Saturday morning to make the purchase.

The price wasn't all that great of a deal on the LCP in that I've seen similar on the Internet ads. I think, however, it was a combination of marketing it as a big Ruger sale and that fact that the guns were actually available. Another interesting thing was the sale of .380 ammo. They would only sell a box if you bought the LCP. Then, there wasn't much of a choice because all they had was expensive SD loads like Federal Hydra-Shock. Also, they're back to selling only one box of .45 to a customer. [sigh]
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