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Jacksonville Shooting Ranges

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Before when I was in Jacksonville I used the Gun Gallery on beach blvd as my shooting range, but I wasn't a serious shooter (only went every once in a while) as I tend to become on moving. This time I plan on getting a yearly family membership at a range and going every weekend to begin with and at least once a month if I get to busy to make it a weekly habit.

Any advice on good shooting ranges would be very helpful.

Also, I plan on living in the Jacksonville Beach/Ponte Vedra area and while distance wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, somewhat close to home would be appreciated.
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Boy Scott
Haven't heard that saying in a LONG time. You'e been in Jax for a while.
That saying dates you and me...we're getting old.
I should email Jake, bet he'd be glad to hear that you said this!
Doesn't Jacksonville have that slogan on their police cars? :rofl
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