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IWB thumb break pros or cons?

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I have narrowed my search and was wondering are there any pros or cons regarding and IWB w/ a thumb break? I will be carrying a Glock 26.

Here is a link to the holster.


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I am against thumb breaks on IWB's.

There is plenty of rention w/ the holster against the body.

The thumb break slows you down on your draw. We tested it and it was almost an additional 1 sec. We did some drills yesterday and in 5.19 seconds I could come up and hit 6 steel plates w/ 6 rounds. If I were to use a thumb break, I would say it would be around 6 or more seconds, w/ alot of practice.
I did mine w/ minimal practice... in fact, I haven't shot plates for time since 2006.

I normally do not make thumb breaks unless it is required for the LE buyer or the person is dead set on a thumb break. I do tell them the pros and cons just so they don't come back and complain.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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