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IWB Magazine pouch (for single stack 1911 mags) recommendations?

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Preferably IWB, for a single 1911 mag of the .45 ACP type. I remember a discussion on some starting mid thread elsewhere around here, but I can't find it. Thanks in advance! :thumsup
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No answer? It didn't seem like it was.

Does anyone else that use mag pouches for their 1911 mags have any recommendations?? :dunno

I'd like to spare myself from what went down with my holster shopping. (Hint: there's a few permanently sitting in my closet now)
Why not offer them to the members of the FCC?
Should have seen that coming. :grin

I actually have a friend that I'm getting into concealed carry, so I'm saving one of them for that. The other one, for when the one I'm using falls apart......come to think of it, I actually just ordered a new holster yesterday. Hard finding one that works well for me in index carry.
Contact LittleBear holsters.. Tell them what you need/want.. They will build you one..:thumsup
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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