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Introducing the GF to shooting

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Alright folks, after over a year of dating and being around me, the GF has requested I take her shooting! :thumsup

We've come a long, long way from her mindset of being against firearms when she met me, to then cautious around my handgun when at my place, to her discovering I actively carry to then being appreciative of my awareness and steps I've taken to protect myself (and her)....and now to wanting to learn!

I only possess one handgun, a 9mm. In no way a powerful cartridge when compared to others I've shot, but slightly intimidating to some women I know who have shot it for the first time (but have shot other things).

The GF is new all around to firearms. A BB gun doesn't count in my book, which is all she has used before. I am wondering what is the best way to expose her, yet in a way where she will enjoy it!

I do have my grandfathers tube fed .22 rifle, and was thinking of exposing her to that at first, to then migrate to the 9mm, a single round chambered so she (and I) wouldn't have to worry about accidents before she has had time to learn the 4 laws of gun safety. Don't take that to mean I'd let her slack off on safety, I think of it more as taking a teenager to an empty parking lot to practice driving, learning through correction and experience.

My other thought was to purchase a .22 handgun. By letting her experience that, small kick yet cheap to practice with until she was confident in her abilities to step up (and my own confidence she knows how to handle it). I've wanted a .22 handgun anyways (among others), so this could be a decent way to 'justify' the purchase right now! :dancingbanana

I've checked the range I frequent and a few others, either they no longer rent firearms due to the suicide rate here in Central Florida, or they don't have a .22. :aarg

Thoughts or ideas? Especially aimed at the women....do you think I am being too cautious about the kick of a 9mm for someone 100% new to shooting?

And I readily acknowledge the fact that if I get her hooked....I'll be purchasing that much more ammo and that many more weapons and range time for her! Somehow though, I don't mind!
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The following is a post I put on DC. It applies here as well, so I'll just paste it. As for the 22 vs 9, a 9 should be fine. I started my girl on a .22 because I didnt own anything, so I could rent whatever I want. In hindsight, the recoil isnt much different. Honestly, when someone shoots for the first time, they're expecting the recoil of the .577 T-rex. They wont know whether it's 9 or a 22 they're shooting the first time they pull the bang switch. My girl is 5'3" and she shoots my xd9 just fine. The SC is just her size. It's the P3AT that still keeps her on her toes(snappy little bugger).

The Mrs had never fired a gun and had a pretty firm fear of them. She had been brought up to fear them and to think that they could "strike", like a wild animal, at any time. The first thing I did was invite her to the range, where we played with a rented .22. I went over all of the basics of operation and basic safety before letting her touch the gun. I made sure to emphasize that keeping your booger hook off the bangswitch will 99% of the time keep the animal from striking. The other 1% is managing to get something else snagged on the trigger. Regardless, the gun will not shoot itself. I mentally prepared her and then walked her thorough sending bullets downrange. To make a long story short, she walked away with a much greater understanding, and respect, for guns, without the fear of them "striking."
To add to that, we started shooting at 7 yards. I had he just focus on pulling the trigger and firing the gun. We didnt go over aiming until after she felt comfortable with firing. Once we got throguh that, we discussed line of sight and aiming. When she switched to the 9mm, it wasnt an issue at all. Except my ammo cost more. We now put 500+ rounds downrange per trip.

As for rentals, you should call around. I wonder if the ranges would make an exception for someone who already has a firearm at their disposal and a CWP. If you wanted to end it all, you could have left a stain on the carpet months ago.
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