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It might be functional but it is ugly JMHO.
Well, it is Alien Gear!
But seriously, does your holster need to be pretty if it is concealed? In my earlier life I thought it was cool to have a Custom holster and show it off to friends. Trust me Scott knows.... but I changed my view after using leather customs for a period of time. I found the durability wasn't there especially if I was crawling in the dirt or in gravel. Also I hated myself for mucking up a 500.00 dollar rig. The usability, durability and comfort of the holster are both more important than looks. Myself, I can't use the Alien Gear Iwb's. They just don't work for me. The owb may be an answer to some of my problems with their holsters. I have 2 Iwb's I'll sell anyone that wants one. Panther makes a good owb but, I have found since I'm not in good health, and had to modify my strategy on self defense I use a retention holster for safety. Yes I practice daily with it drawing a G17 with a threaded barrel and light on it from a Safari owb and have no problem concealing it.
just my 2cents
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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