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Interesting take Mr. Ayoob has

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Hi all,

I recently watched a video interview with Massad Ayoob. This thing was obviously from the early 90's. However, he seems to be a big proponent of a pistol being the best home defense weapon and NOT a shotgun. His main points were:

1. Penetration. A 9mm. .40, or .45 caliber hollow point bullet is more likely to hit the intruder and stay in the intruder's body than a slug from a 12 gauge. Thus the bullet is MUCH less likely to penetrate the walls and accidentaly harm/kill a sleeping family member in their bed.

2. Control. The single bullet is easier to control in that you don't have to worry about the spread pattern rendering your shotgun blast less effective at range or at an angle to the intruder.

3. 2nd hand freedom. The pistol allows your free hand to manipulate a flashlight or hold a cellphone or help you maintain your balance.

4. If the intruder gets close to you, it is much easier to disarm a person holding a shotgun than a person holding a pistol.

I'm still new to gun ownership, so I'm interested in your thoughts.

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But that summary is for 2.5 in loads in a short barreled revolver. Not the 3 in magnums fired out of a shotgun barrel (think 870 express). 410 shotgun works fine for HD. especially if you cannot handle the recoil of a 12 gauge. which a lot of people (women) can't. personally, I keep a Glock 36 next to my pillow at nite.
long guns are awkward and hard to manipulate when you're half asleep. just grab the glock and fire if you need to. end of problem.

Just a point of thought for those who employ the "safe room" tactic.

How safe do you think your "safe" room is? If the walls are concrete, concrete block or even heavy wood, you're probably OK. 2 layers of drywall, however is ZERO protection other than a cloak of invisibility. As a firefighter, I know from experience that drywall is no more of an obstacle than a wall of paper.

If you have concerns of family members being caught by over-penetrating rounds, take the time to truly "harden" your safe room. Professional jobs use ballistic panels which run into a lot of $$... all of which is for naught if you have a typical luan interior door.

So I guess where I am going in a long-winded rambling way, is that you either have to spend the time and resource to construct a proper safe/panic room, or develop tactics that bears the lack of having one in mind. I have no little ones around, so I intend to take the fight to the BG.
I like that thought Cap I rent where i am but if i owned this house i definately would re-enforce the safe room. My shotgun is always ready and pistols always ready and also keep a hi powered flashlight handy as well.
Big difference between "Cover" and "Concealment"...good point Cap'n
Take your shotgun to the range with whatever buckshot you favor. Set up some targets and check your pattern. You will then know what to expect in terms of shot spread.

For issues of shot penetration, the shotgun with buckshot works about like a pistol with many rounds fired at once. Most handgun rounds will penetrate interior walls with no problem, so will buckshot.

If you are in a situation where you are protecting your family you have to win. Handguns are a compromise weapon. When you know there is a problem and you get to chose you weapon, don't compromise.

Where the handgun shines is when you are not sure there is a problem yet. Answering the door with a shotgun is not always wise.
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