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Interesting take Mr. Ayoob has

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Hi all,

I recently watched a video interview with Massad Ayoob. This thing was obviously from the early 90's. However, he seems to be a big proponent of a pistol being the best home defense weapon and NOT a shotgun. His main points were:

1. Penetration. A 9mm. .40, or .45 caliber hollow point bullet is more likely to hit the intruder and stay in the intruder's body than a slug from a 12 gauge. Thus the bullet is MUCH less likely to penetrate the walls and accidentaly harm/kill a sleeping family member in their bed.

2. Control. The single bullet is easier to control in that you don't have to worry about the spread pattern rendering your shotgun blast less effective at range or at an angle to the intruder.

3. 2nd hand freedom. The pistol allows your free hand to manipulate a flashlight or hold a cellphone or help you maintain your balance.

4. If the intruder gets close to you, it is much easier to disarm a person holding a shotgun than a person holding a pistol.

I'm still new to gun ownership, so I'm interested in your thoughts.

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It had been a long time since I did any house-to-house/room-to-room training. Leading with a shotgun barrel or rifle barrel before you enter the room is a good way to get it taken away from you. Pistol / sbr if you are going bg hunting.

I too have the rest of my family across the house in their bedrooms (master is on the other end of the house). So I'm coming out of my bedroom to get to theirs. BRIGHT tac light and me, moving slowly.

Glazers are good in that they will not over penetrate if they work right. I've never shot any to prove them to myself.
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