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Should this be a sticky?

Florida-IDPA is an email list intended to distribute information about IDPA competition in Florida.
Match results, announcements of shooting events and other matters of interest to Florida IDPA shooters will be distributed.
Florida-IDPA is not a discussion group; several open discussion groups are available on the web, one example being http://p075.ezboard.com/bidpaforum
Florida-IDPA is moderated and messages are reviewed before being posted to members; commercial (spam) messages are treated as hostile!

To send messages to members of this group, simply send an email to [email protected]

If you do not wish to belong to Florida-IDPA, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to: [email protected]

You may also visit the Yahoogroups web site to modify your subscriptions:


Thomas M. Goethe, List Founder/Owner
Lance Biddle, Florida Area Coordinator, List Moderator
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First Coast IDPA - Jacksonville - 1st Saturday http://www.firstcoastidpa.com/

Florida Keys IDPA - Key Largo - 1st Saturday - http://www.keysshooters.com/

Okeechobee Shooting Sports IDPA - Okeechobee - 1st Saturday & 3rd Sunday - www.okshooting.com

Lake County IDPA - Tavares - 1st Saturday - www.lakecountyidpa.com

Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club - Orlando - 1st Sunday - http://cfrpc.com/disciplines/idpa

Tropical Sport Shooting Assn. - Ft. Lauderdale-Miami 2nd and 4th Saturdays - http://tssaidpa.us

Hansen IDPA - Ft Myers - 2nd Saturday - http://www.swfps.com/idpa.htm

Florida West Coast Defensive Pistol Club - Pinellas Park - 2nd Sunday - http://www.wacactionshooting.com/

Volusia County Gun And Hunt Club - Deland - 2nd Sunday - http://www.volusiacountygunandhuntclub.com/

Hernando Sportsman Club - Brooksville - 3rd Saturday - http://www.hernandosportsmansclub.com/

Lakeland Defensive Pistol Club - Ft. Meade - 3rd Saturday - [email protected]

Titusville Rifle And Pistol Club - Titusville - 3rd Sunday -http://www.titusvillegun.org/

N. W. Florida Defensive Shooters Inc. - Cantonment - 3rd Sunday, 4th Saturday www.nwfldps.org

Ocala Sportsmans Assn. - Candler / Ocala 3rd Sunday

Defensive Shooters Fellowship Of West Broward, Inc -Tamarac - 4th Saturday - [email protected]

The Gun Shop IDPA - Leesburg - 4th Sunday - http://www.floridafirearmsinstruction.com/gunshopidpa.html

Port Malabar Rifle And Pistol Club - Palm Bay - 4th Sunday -http://www.pmrpc.com/home.htm

Flagler IDPA - Bunnell - 4th Sundays - http://www.flagleridpa.com/

DPistolClub IDPA - Ocala - 2nd Sundays - http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/DPistolClub/info

ProArms IDPA - Live Oak - 2nd Sundays - www.proarmsinc.com

TriPoint IDPA - Copeland - 3rd Sundays - http://tripointidpa.com/tripointidpa/

Gainesville IDPA - Gainesville - 3rd Sundays - http://www.gainesvilletargetrange.com/

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Jacksonville's is not happening, the range took away the stalls. There were five, they ate up three and gave them to the rifle range. The rest seem to be under perpetual renovation or something.
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