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I went out strapped for the first time

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I went out today and purchased a Taurus Millenium Pro in 40 cal. and a iwb holster and made a trip to Walmart, Sam's Club and Winn Dixie. The only time I took it off was when I picked my daughter up at daycare. It may take a while for it to feel natural but it was nice to know I had it on me.
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Congrats on the Wally World shuffle. Soon you'll realize no one is actually staring and you are no longer a sheep.

Welcome to the club.
Congratulations! Let us know how the Mil Pro shoots.
Congrats. It is a strange feeling to know people are that clueless.

It is even stranger to know that you used to be one of them.

What a nice report. I've only been carrying a couple of weeks but already I just want to stand in the middle of WallyWorld and lift the corner of my shirt and scream out that I'm carrying and no one has noticed! haha

Ok, just kidding on that but the thought crosses my mind that the people around me just have no idea that I'm carrying.

I wear it everywhere but do have to take it off when I go into the post office or up at the gym where my son plays basketball. I had to put 'Baby' in the console yesterday and felt rather nekkid in the gym without her. Vulnerable would be a better word. I did not like that feeling one bit.

Yesterday I was at WallyWorld and bought some ammo. There was an older gentleman looking at ammo as well. He gave me a smile probably because he was amused that some girl was buying ammo. I get that a lot. Not 10 minutes later we were across the street at Costco and saw each other again and just gave each other that knowing smile. It was rather a classic moment.

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My new term for this is "sheep no more". There is nothing like knowing that if it comes to it you can protect your family while the sheep scatter in panic. Congrats Flgrasscutter.
Congrats and keep it up, female or not, thanks for stapping it on.
congrats, you are now a liberated sheep dog.:thumsup
Congrats on The Wally World Walk and the PT140, looking forward to reading a range report.
CONGRATULATIONS! It IS a wonderfully liberating feeling to carry, isn't it?

Soon you'll realize that you aren't the object of horrified stares from others as they realize you have a . . . GUN(!). Because they won't realize you have a gun! You'll probably feel a tad self conscious for a couple of weeks, perhaps a month. Then, slowly, it will become the most natural feeling in the world and it will be when you aren't carrying that you'll feel 'funny'.

Welcome to Sheep Dog Status! Carry proudly and with confidence :thumsup.

Merry Christmas. Have a day. Bang Gunley
After a while it'll get to be so routine you won't think about it. Like wearing a seatbelt.

You'll learn all kinds of little tricks to defeat the wind and those drafts in stores that you never noticed before. Seems like something is always trying to blow your shirt open.

You'll also learn that even when your gun gets exposed, no one will notice. They're not paying attention. They're not looking for guns. It never occurs to them that anyone might be packin'.

Have fun and pay attention!
And you will learn to reach with the arm opposite where you carry to prevent your shirt from lifting as much.

Yesterday I was carrying a box back from the garage. I got to the door and realized I was flashing. I don't think anybody was in position to see.

Thanks everyone for the congrats
I've found a long loose t-shirt with an additional cover loose cover garment, like a button down shirt, thrown over hides the bottom of the holster and reduces printing.
It's good for this time of year, but in the summer it's pocket carry all the way :)
Congrats! Although I have to say I am a bit jealous as my permit has no arrived yet.... :(
Just ask yourself...."how many times have I went to Wal Mart and noticed someone carrying a gun"...you will probably answer...never. This time of year the shoppers will probably raise more stink when they see that you got the last X-Box game they were looking for. Most folks just aren't paying attention.
I have spotted people carrying while out and about. If you know what to look for it's not too hard. I was behind this guy on the way to the cell phone store one time, and I noticed a CZ sticker on the back of his van. Ironically he pulled in the same store and I ended up in line behind him. It was so obvious he was wearing a shoulder rig under his T shirt it wasn't funny. (if you were looking for it). I was going to ask him, "So, how do you like that CZ?" but I didn't want to create a scene. :)
I was in a wholesale club two weeks ago, and a guy was pushing a cart with an oversized shirt. You could see he had something IWB as it would occasionally print. Then of course there's the tell tale Murse (man purse).
Thanks everyone for the congrats
Since I have been "carrying" I am now a bit more aware of people who have their shirts untucked.

When I see one now I wonder to myself ... is he carrying? Odds are he may be wondering the same about me.:D

Trust us, it will get easier as you carry more. It is to the point now that I just naturally tuck my Combat Commander into my waistband and an extra mag or two into my pocket, and out the door I go. Soon you will too.
My wife made a good point that no one notices I carry. Is it that they don't notice or is it they are being smart and don't want to ask a "gun man" is that a gun your carrying??? I think its the first and they are just sheeps but, she makes a good point!!!
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