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I let my guard down yesterday

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I am studying 16 hours a day for a test to get a license to get a job at this time.Every few hours I will take a break and walk outside.

Yesterday I opened my front door and saw a man in the parking lot who waived and smiled at me. I did not recognize him but assumed he was visiting the apartment nearest the lake. He started walking away when he confirmed the people he wanted to see were gone. When passing the stairs for my unit he trotted up them and in less than three seconds I had a man a few feet from me with my front door open and was not armed. I sensed his anger and quiet desperation and really wanted to be armed at that moment.
I played it cool and he began his story about getting ripped off and was homeless and was looking to collect his money from a neighbor who did hire day laborers. He expecting me to front the money owed to him ($40) so he did not have to come back as someone had stolen his bike. I shrugged and kept calm and said I was unemployed as well and needing money. I let him vent for a few minutes until he decided to leave.

It is very isolated where I live and had he wanted to do something I would have been in trouble. It was a wake up call to me to be carrying before I open my front door.
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Here's an idea...push the SOB down the stairs.
read my mind...take the throat and a knee for good measure and heave to...
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The man did not do anything, thankfully. another way I could put it is 'I live in a secluded building where few people visit. I took a break for some fresh air and opened my front door without a EDC as I rarely even see anyone. A man was next to me in less than three seconds looking for money. I was surprised it happened that fast.'
I never meant in your situation...but one should always be polite and sociable while having a plan to kill everyone in the room if necessary...I expose myself regularly unarmed...but heaven help the person who even remotely telegraphs an intent to harm me or take something from me...
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TMI Tom, TMI ;)
Did the trench coat give it away?...
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