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I coulda got shot!!!

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So last nite i went to go pick up my girl from her friends house and we were gonna go to hard rock. i get to her friends house and her friend is hammered. well she had mentioned she had lots of guns and i said hey can i see?!?!? well i knew she was drunk but man i didnt think she was this drunk, she also said it wasnt loaded. i follow her into her room and she reaches into her dresser and pulls out a sig 9 and she starts waving the thing around while cocking bullets out, i move behind her cause i got a bad feeling and then the dumb : censored shot her own ****ing finger right in front of me!!! i look at her hand and see a big chunk missing from her finger and i immediately yell HOLY : censored she asks me what? i said YOU JUST SHOT YOUR ****ING FINGER!!!!!!!!!!! she didnt even know she did it!

and the group in the kitchen were still talking after it all went down like nothing happened untill they realized what the hell they just heard lol. she was actually more worried about the carpet then herself. she refused to go to the hospital and still hasnt. she shot her own finger at point blank range with a hollow point, you could see black on her finger from the gun powder. it looks like she skimmed half her finger. if she was just an 8th of an inch over more her finger would have been blown off! talked to her this morning she sais it still doesnt hurt. not sure if she can get in trouble if she goes to the hospital but holy : censored i have never seen : censored this crazy in my life!!!!
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Thank you for sharing that story. Obviously, you risk a little, hopefully friendly, ribbing here, but, I think it's important that we keep in mind that it's these kind of lessons that can be learned by all. That's why we're all here in the end, is to learn more and/or relay our own knowlage, skills, and experiences so that others may learn, right?

I'm glad things didn't go worse for anyone involved. Certainly, I'm sure the thought of "what could have been" keeps you thinking.

Perhaps it was a mistake to ask someone obviously intoxicated to even go near their weapons, I'm sure it's a mistake that we can all learn from. We all have friends we know and even trust. However, we need to keep in mind that it's our own safety that's always paramount. Trust has nothing to do with it. Making sure we, and those who are around us, go home safely and thinking things through to that end at all times...... That's the lesson here IMHO... :thumsup
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