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I called DOA today

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I called last week and was told i wasnt in the system the lady told me that they would not have me in the system for anouther 4 weeks. that didnt make sence i mailed the package around the 15th of nov. Today when i called they told me they have my app its in the system yet to be processed and i should have my plastic in 4-6 weeks. So if i go on my past experince with the doa and their timelines ill have it next week right?? haha :)
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well for your sake i hope its within your time line,but hard to pin point these days.
I shoulda quit reading these while I was ahead.. (first I read about the 4month and a week wait.. Then I read about the guy who just got his at 90 days.. Now this..) :eek: Oh well, guess it'll get here when it gets here.. Im still hopin for 90 days though!! :)
Its a crap shoot. You never know how long to process these days. You may get lucky, or not. Its a roll of the dice. I am into my 47th day. I could be half way, or just the beginning of the process. I don't mind the wait, as long as I am not forgotten in the system.
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