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I am suggesting two items to allow this website to grow membership

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1) Have a price posted with whatever you are selling. It you are only willing to trade also have a price with the product you wish to sell. You can always use the cash to buy what you want. Part of the reason this is done is so others can keep putting the item BTT when they inquire about price. It's a game, and not new essay. A well represented item at a fair price will sell. It does not need to be bumped twenty times before the OP posts a price.

2) Have the title reflect the post content. A subject of, "Would you believe..." is useless to all, and the OP usually does this so more people read the thread. It wastes time when you have to re-read threads because of mystery titles, or waste time looking at something you would have never opens in the first place. This will also make searches easier and cut down on reports.

What do others think?
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Good suggestions Dave. No prices and mystery or mislabeled threads are the forum equivalent of farting in church.
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