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I am not Brownie

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Time for everyone to get serious. My "other" life obligations leave me limited time to train. I am not Brownie; my world is not 80% focused on SD. I try to center my training on what I believe will be the situation that I might encounter. I try and use solid common sense, i.e not be in a Denny's after 10PM, don't go to an AMPM mini mart after 10PM; make sure that I carry always, anywhere that it is legal. I believe that if I should have an encounter it will be very close, very quick and require me to create distance in order to pull my gun. As such, I now carry a knife which I am finding is very,very quick to pull with a Brownie pop. I practice only one handed (95% of my time), from point blank to maybe 25ft. Am I missing something here? Just practicing moving off a line of sight (muzzle position) and drawing from the hip and shooting two targets quickly takes up most of my training time. I can not help but keep going back to the article on the marine who was at Subway in Ft. Lauderdale:
1. one handed
2. point shooting
3. close - very close
4. shot until he realized in anguish he was out of ammo (7 rounds I believe). What are you preparing for? I only practice threat focused point shooting methods.
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Here's the most recent thread, NOOB! :D

Jarhead Cleans up Subway

Love that avatar, BTW.
MARINE cleans up subway
There's a difference? :rolf
lol, YES !!! Me thinks you were in "one of the OTHER branches". Marines, not a branch,.... A BREED ! :drinks
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