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H.R. 45 has been discussed at length on this and numerous other discussion boards. Yes, it's real, but don't worry about...it has no co-sponsors and no support. It's not going to happen; even the NRA says not to worry about...for now.

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More "Feel Good" legislation from an opportunistic politician.

From One Man's Rant
Blair Holt - A Young American Hero

Some of you may not know who Blair Holt was. Some of you may know the name only because Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill 1st District) has introduced legislation that could eventually lead to a ban on firearms in his name. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Blair Holt was a sixteen-year-old Chicago teen who was shot and killed when another teen opened fire on a CTA bus on May 10, 2007. He placed himself in harm’s way and shielded a young lady from the gunman, saving the life of Tiarra Reed. Four others, including Reed, were injured in the shooting.

Here is the story from WLS-TV Chicago, IL.

Now here’s what gets me, quoted from the above article,

“During the three hour service, speakers talked about the need for more gun control. Congressman Bobby Rush says he is introducing a new bill called ‘The Blair Holt Bill.’”
Way to go douche bag! Get out there and campaign on another’s tragedy. Hope you also got a photo op. One question, why aren’t you also calling for the licensing and registration of knives?

Also quoting the above article,

“The Holt family is dealing with another tragedy. Blair Holt’s cousin, 21-year-old Jessica Richardson, was stabbed to death a week and a half ago.”
Not popular, nothing to gain by campaigning for that, eh? Why don’t you campaign to enforce the laws already on the books? No headlines in that, is there? Why couldn’t you have let the service be about this heroic young man who gave his all that another might live?

Instead, you have chosen to forever link this young hero’s name to another “feel good” bill. Do you “feel good” that some will praise you for this piece of tripe? Do you “feel good” that some of your constituents will fall for this bit of political trickery and think you’re actually doing something about this type of crime? Your bill (HR45) is so wrong on so many levels it deserves a Rant all its own.

Blair Holt was a hero. Shame on you for using him as political fodder for your gain.
Unfortunately the link to the WLS-TV article no longer works.
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