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How to blacken worn sights?

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I just bought a S&W 6906 LEO trade in and it is what you might expect, worn often, shot seldom. The primary point of the holster wear is the black sights. They are worn clean at the corners. The choices to renew them at this point are either 1) black sharpie, 2)flat black spray paint, or 3) a cold blue dip.
Does anyone have any suggestions or experience to offer?
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How much are you wanting to spend?
*perm fix*
Have the sights removed and duracoated.
Get new sights and replace the worn ones.

*not perm but more durable than a sharpie*
Go to the plastic car model section of the craft store and get some Testor's black enamel. (even better = Pactra flat black)
Get some of your wife's fingernail polish.

*the last two options will be glossy unless you do somthing about that...*
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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