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Based off this thread Wall of Edge

How many carry a folder with potential SD in mind?

If you carry a folder with SD in mind, have you taken any defensive edged weapons courses?

Make and model of folder you carry if you carry one?

I carry 2, sometimes 3 blades on my person. If not carrying the bowie, the spyderco endura is the SD folder clipped to the side of my leg [ carhartt pants ] and an SAK hiker for chores.
Always carry two folders, SD folder in weak-side front pocket is either a Benchmade Griptilian or sometimes the Kershaw Speedsafe given me by my colleagues at my retirement from DoD. Those blades don't get used for anything else and are kept sharp. I also carry a less expensive folder very similar to the Griptilian in my strong-side front pocket for utility work, but it could also be employed SD blade.

As you know, I've taken at least three or four different defensive Edged Weapon/H2H courses from you, where I first learned to "Swat the Bug" and the "Wall of Edge," among several other Edged Weapon/H2H skills. However, I've not practiced those skills nearly enough lately!

Now that I'm retired and no longer working in a DoD facility, I've gotten back into the habit of carrying a Strongman fixed blade, as well.
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