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Hornady Critical Defense Dud

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Just got back from the range. I have zero experience with this ammo, but it's Hornady who I think of as a good name, and I haven't heard anything negative about it, but I had a dud round in a box of 25. 9mm, 115 grain. I tried re-chambering it a bunch of times, and then finally thought to look at it. The primer was dented from the striker hitting it over and over, but the primer didn't fire.

I still have seven I didn't shoot, so out of 18, 1 was a dud. That's an awful percentage. Is this common or did I get the 1 in a million bad ones?

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It happens. I had 2 boxes of Fiocchi 9mm with bad primers, 1 out of 4 would not fire. I called the factory, told them what happened. They said they had a bad batch of primers, and sent me 2 replacement boxes free of charge. I asked what to do with the ammo I had, and they said they didn't care, just be safe.

Give them a call and let them know what happened, they might have an issue that they know about, and replace your ammo.:drinks
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