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Hi from Sunny Isles Beach

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I'm from Sunny Isles Beach, near Aventura and North Miami Beach. I applied for my CCW about 3 weeks ago and haven't heard back yet. I pick up a Springfield XD 40 on Thursday.

Originally from the People's Republic of Massachusetts I've lived in New Hampshire and now I'm in the paradise of lousy drivers, orange traffic cones and feral cats.

Hello all.
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Welcome Flccnp. We're happy to have you on our forum. The first thing you should do is check your bank account and see if they cashed your check. The next step is to call them after 45 days. If you call them sooner they will say call back when it's 45 days. So many more people are applying for permits that it's taking longer now. However in the mean time get yourself a good holster and practice carrying at home. Check out this thread. Concealment Holsters

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