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Hi - from Santa Fe, New Mexico

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I have a CCW permit from both New Mexico (for 6 years now) and Florida (for 5 years now) non-resident, mostly because the Florida permit covers a few more states than New Mexico. Our govenor, Bill Richardson, hasn't been good for much and is generally pretty liberal, HOWEVER, I have to say he has been suprisingly good on 2nd amendment rights and is always NRA A or A+ rated. New Mexico may be a bit odd, in that your CCW has printed on it your qualification weapons that you may carry. If you carry a revolver you must qualify with it, and if you want to carry a semi-auto you must also qualify separately with that. Then, to complicate life a bit more, your permit states that you can carry the caliber you qualify with AND any caliber smaller, but only one gun at a time (go figure???). So if you qualify with a .45 revolver you can then carry a .44 mag (again go figure??) or if you qualify with a .45 semi-auto, you can then also carry a 10mm semi (again go figure???)
I have been an NRA life member since the 1970's and my wife shoots and is also an NRA life member.

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Howdy, Greatdanes. Welcome aboard. :drinks
Welcome to the forum Greatdanes. It seems that lots of politicians got a hold of the bill that gave New Mexico concealed carry. God help us all if these same people get a hold of "universal healthcare".
Welcome to the forum :)
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