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Hi from Arlington, Jax

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Originally from Puerto Rico after 20 years in USAF decided to "retire" here and have been a concealed weapon licensee since 2000. I have always been about self defense. Found out about the forum and I think it will be a fun and most definitely a learning experience. I've only carried 24/7 for about 2 years now. I either carry a Taurus PT111 or a Lorcin 25 cal. In the winter with a jacket a 357 taurus 4 in. barrel revolver or my Beretta 92sf on a shoulder harness. Looking forward to it all.
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Welcome Boricua from Orlando also carry a PT111 look forward to your posts.
Welcome to the forum nandin. We are glad you joined us.
Welcome aboard nandin. Look forward to your posts. :drinks
Welcome :drinks


Come out and shoot with us. :pistols
Welcome. :) Which part of Arlington?
I'm just south of the Merrill Rd. post office
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