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Hey from Orlando

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Hey new to this forum.
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Welcome to the forum from the ground up:clap
Hi groundfighter, welcome to the forum :thumsup
Welcome to the Forum Groundfighter! Glad you could join us!
Good morning groundfighter,

We've got quite a group here from Orlando but there is always room for more.

Glad you found us.

By your handle you are either military or police/fire fighter? just guessing
Welcome, lots of people on here from Orlando.
Welcome from Port Charlotte
Welcome another one from Orlando,Cool Welcome to the Forum Glad to have you.
Groundfighter, welcome to the forum from Pembroke Pines. :drinks
Welcome to the forum :thumsup
Welcome to the forum.

Lots of good people and info here.
Welcome to the forum :thumsup
The mouse militia grows by one...

Welcome to the forum! Glad to see more Orlandoans here. (Orlandans? Orlando-ans? Orlandons?)

Anyway, glad to have another member of the "mouse militia" as I like to call it.

- Str8Shooter
Welcome to the forum! Glad to see more Orlandoans here. (Orlandans? Orlando-ans? Orlandons?
- Str8Shooter

That's "Orlandonian" :rolf
From Orlando

I live here in Orlando. Anyone interested in going four wheeling? I have a 4x4 F-150 and my wife and I like to go off-roading. I tried looking on some other forums, but most of them seem to be filled with young immature white trash people. Most people on here seem to be level headed. My wife and I like to go out and have a good responsible time so I am looking for some others that like to do the same. I am 28 and we have no kids. That doesn't mean we don't like to hang with others that have kids.
Welcome! Great to have another Orlando-area person here. :) :drinks
Hello and welcome from Miami.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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