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Help w/Rust Spot

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I noticed the spot (less than a fingernail) yesterday... its on the inside of the barrel at the end of it... Well, I oiled/brushed yesterday and could still see a little spot but I was satisfied.. after today, it came back with a vengeance.. brushed/oiled again...

my line of work promotes Heavy sweating... so the gun is constantly in a festival of moisture..

my guess is a round nicked the barrel at that spot... and now it rusts easily there??

any advice? should I get it blued? replace it? likely to happen again? how much does it matter? is there a particular gun oil I should use on it? (using Tetra Gun Spray atm followed by a bristle brush and more spray)

any input is, as always, mucho appreciated.

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I've been thinking of Duracoating my Mossberg 500 Persuader, and eventually Duracoating the XD45 just as a preventive measure. It lasts 4 lifetimes from what I've read, and is pretty much indestructible. It is extremely hard to get off, so once it's on, that's it. If you have an airbrush, and only want it one color, it can be relatively cheap. If you choose to send it off to be done, it can get pricey. Mine will be more expensive, because I'm doing an urban digital camo scheme myself on the 12ga. It's at least worth a glance. They have a whole slew of colors. You may want to check to see if you can do it to the barrel, but I wouldn't see why not. Some of the more experienced posters here may have more input either way.

Take a look at Corrosion X at Ace Hardware.
I like this stuff
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What gun? Does the barrel touch you? Actual metal against skin?

Put a layer between you and the metal. Preferably your holster (leather) backed up by a layer of cloth (boxers?).

Windex will kill the salts that are eating your barrel. Old trick from guys that shoot Russian ammo. But you are treating the symptom, not the problem.

Consider getting it duracoated or cerimacoated. Both involve having the finish blasted off, then a coating applied, followed by a heat cure - much like powdercoating.
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