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Hello from Tampa!!

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I was in another website and saw the link to here.

I am glad I found it, I have been looking for a site like this.

I am an ex-LEO from Ohio, now residing in the Tampa area. I am a Life member of the NRA, and have had my Florida Concealed Weapon License for about a year now.

Look forward to 'chatting' with my fellow Floridians. :drinks
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Welcome TampaSsgt. We're happy to have you here on the forum. We look forward to your knowledgeable input and discussions. :thumsup
Welcome Neighbor!:drinks

Welcome. Look forward to chatting with you and learning as well.:thumsup
Sarasota , sort of, waving hi.


Welcome Aboard Sarge :drinks
Welcome, TampaSsgt!

I'm from Northwest Ohio myself and have been in Florida for a couple of years. Welcome to the forum and a state with more highly desireable weather. :)
What part of Northwest Ohio are you from?

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