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Hello from SE Florida

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Hi, Everyone

I have been reading many of the posts on FCC for a number of weeks and have picked up some great new information and confirmed some of my own thoughts on things. This group is one of the most friendly I have seen on any of the sites I follow and thought it was time to step out of the shawdows and introduce myself.

Long time firearms owner and advocate, having learned hunting and shooting skills from my father when I was 8 yrs old - that was MANY years ago. Moved to Fort Lauderdale about 11 years ago and finally got around to applying for my CC permit. I find that with age, I need to acquire new skills and have signed up for Brownie and Swamprat's training session in Lake Mary in November. The format appears to be exactly what I am looking for - high quality, condensed, hands-on, and immediately useful.

I look forward to reading, learning, and hopefully contributing to this great forum. BTW - this is the first forum that I have posted to. It I post something incorrectly, please let me know - I am a slow learner, but can be taught.

Thanks, everyone.
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Welcome aboard! You'll like the folks here and there's a ton of information and experience of which you'll add to, no doubt.
welcome from a fellow south easterner.
Hello and welcome from The Florida Keys.
Welcome aboard. :drinks
Welcome :thumsup
Welcome to the forum :clap
Thanks to everyone

Thank you for making a new guy feel welcome. I look forward to learning and sharing with you all. :drinks
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