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Hello from Deatsville Alabama

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We have been away from Florida since 1975 after four years at MacDill AFB. We loved it there but would probably not be able to recognize Tampa now! Caught bunches of those wonderful Florida Big Mouth Bass.

By comparsion, Deatsville, Alabama probably has a grand total of about 150 folks, and a few Farm Ponds. Deatsville is, well you know, a huge Metro Area. LOL, The two biggest buildings in town are the Post Office and my Church.

Anyway, great to be aboard and hope to get to know you folks. We carry PT 111 Millennium Pro, & S&W 32. Hope to add to the family this weekend at the Birmingham Al Show.

Stay Safe

James Bozeman
Better known as Boze
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Thanks folks for all the warm words of Welcome and I feel like I almost have kin here with all the Alabama connections.

I'm basically a newbie when it comes to CC but it is a necessity these days. I will be hanging out here and trying to learn a lots from you folks.

Took my PT 111 Millennium Pro to the range today and shot it for the first time. So far I am well pleased with it but still need a little smaller version yet still in 9mm for the wife and a least we won't have to worry about different ammo. I will be checking out the CCH Forum a great deal.

Thanks again
Take Care folks
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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