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Hello From Coral Springs!

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Hi Everyone,

Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I grew up around firearms and have owned a handgun since legally able to. I didn't start carrying until the birth of my first son. Something about having the ability/obligation/need to protect more than myself even when not at home must have struck a nerve. :thumsup

Since then I have really gotten into all things firearms related. From AR builds to trying to find that perfect carry gun/holster.

At any rate, I look forward to meeting everyone and I will 'see' you on the forums!
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Welcome from just down the road in Plantation.
Welcome aboard. :drinks
welcome on board from Ft Myers
Welcome from Palm Harbor
Welcome from Seminole, formerly of Oral Springs!

Be sure to keep those seat belts buckled, CSPD is like the Gestapo
Welcome from Lakeland
Welcome from Fort Myers.
Welcome from the First Coast.
CSPD is like the Gestapo
Haha, they do have that reputation here. Can't turn a corner without seeing a cruiser. :aarg

Thank you all for the warm welcome! I look forward to participating and trying to absorb the wealth of knowledge from everyone here!
Welcome from Palm Coast
Welcome from Jacksonville
Welcome from Sarasota (Siesta Key)
Welcome and good luck on finding the perfect carry set-up. That causes many of us to fill our gun safes and holster drawers.
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