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hand Grips for .38 M&P [ model of 1905 - 2nd change ] 'Pic' -

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Mfg . in 1906 - 1909 . Serial # range 130,000 . Need Orig' Grips in walnut / square butt . My model 6" D/A / fluted [ 6 ] shot / cal. in .38 Spl.

It looks like an old K-frame Grip might just fit . The original ones have a 'diamond shape' where center screw goes . They do come in Military style also .

*Mine came with Pach' full closed backstrap grips shown - Trying to get it all original .
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I will see what I can dig up. I have a 1905 4th version, chambered in 32 WCF, (32-20).

the model 1905 was the only S&W revolver to be chambered in that caliber.

Use caution shooting 38 special in that revolver. Low power loads only. The heat treatment of the cylinders was a bit "iffy" with the 1905s.
Hi Mr. AFJuvat - I understand you said that your 4th version was in 32.20 . * I copied all the information from my 2nd version right out of my new "Blue Book of Gun Values" [ 41st edition ]

Mine is on page # 1867 right near the bottom . On page #1868 , I saw your 4th Version listed there also . Just to note : In this information , there were only .38 special produced in either version .

Please note I am Not disputing your claim at all , I am just regurgitating what i have found in that huge bible type book . Naturally to identify my particular gun pictured on here , The Ser # for mine is dead on the 2nd version .

I Do Much Appreciate Your Cautionary Information about the heat treat ! ;)(y)
Also think you very much for replying - Best , Gunner
Gunner, Check out this page.

Thank you much ! I just left there & opted to buy the used Military walnut used grips .

I think the the dents and such add ambience to the piece . I just had to order the screw separately . Great Find , Thank You !
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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