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Had a scare tonight

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I was driving tonight with my girlfriend in the passenger seat. It was raining and so traffic was a little heavy. We were approaching a red light with cars already stopped in front of us and cars to our left and right. There was a guy in the center median who looked like he was trying to cross the street. I slightly glanced at him and then proceeded to stop behind the already stopped traffic. My girlfriend then asked me where was the guy and I responded that he must have crossed the street already. No sooner than I said that I heard a voice on my side of the truck say "yow, can I talk to you". I turned my head to the left to see who it was that said that but I did not immediately see anyone. The person then walked into my view from behind the the truck. It was the guy who looked like he was trying to cross the street.

My senses went into overdrive trying to comprehend what was happening. I remembered my firearm in the glovebox. I'm listening to him telling me he wanted to talk to me and motioning for me to roll down the window. I'm telling him sorry but no I don't want to talk and also thinking why would he choose me to talk to out of everyone else at the light. I could feel the adrenalin flowing through my body but not sure if it was justified because I was not sure if this guy was a threat or just wanted some help. Anyway the light changed to green and I drove off.

After I drove off many thoughts went through my mind and I also had a discussion with my girlfriend about what just happened. My questions are
1) Was I too paranoid in dealing with this guy
2) What if my windows were down (I normally drive with them down/ they were up because of the rain)
3) Would I have been able to draw and use my weapon if I had to (how prepared am I)
4) It's amazing how things go from 0-60 in .1 seconds

Just some thoughts and hopefully lessons from this situation.
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It seems that we carry for so long without even hint of trouble and maybe sometimes get a little complacent because of this. Every now and again it's not bad to have a situation that tests your awareness, perception, skill and preparedness. Thanks for you post. It will make me re-evaluate my own preparedness.
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