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H2H skills based on stick concepts

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Started this thread over at my forum back on 7.14.06, thought members might be interested in this subject here as well.

I recently had a student out here for training over the July 4th long weekend. We did some extensive stick work [ around 5-6 hours over two days ] as well as other material like pistols and defensive knife.

After a few hours he mentioned that some of the double stick lines might work into some very nice H2H skills with the lines of attack with the sticks. It was something I had been aware of for some years and had practiced myself. As he had recognized this, I showed him a few ways to utilize the forearms and edge of hands to make multiple strikes and blocks like the sticks utliize.

Rapid multiple strikes with both open hands to the neck and face using the forearms in a manner similiar to the double sticks after clearing the centerline of the threat are very workable. The flurry of rapid short strikes with one returning and one striking from various lines continuously, as with the sticks, is very hard to defend against.

This type of action is offensive in nature, perhaps starting initially from some unarmed defensive technique that allows us to step into the threat and engage to take them down and out of the fight.

The student and I played with this for awhile and due to the nature of the aggressive multiple lines of attack and continuous strikes it seems that it would keep the opponent/threat from engaging offensively while taking these very fast continuous strikes to the face and neck. Both of us could get four strikes [ two from each hand at different angles ] on the opponent in about 1 second, just like the double sticks

Anyone have similiar experiences in using a stick [ or two ] and familiar with the angles of strikes? Any thoughts on the concepts of using the striking lines of the stick with the forearms and making contact with the edge of hands in close?

In the Unarmed Combatives class held recently in Fla., I demonstrated hand striking 4-5 times a second to the neck and throat using the Siniwali double stick strikes empty-handed.

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Here's siniwali 6 count with the sticks. Using your arm as the stick, the outside edge of your hand as the striking surface, the stick drills can be incorporated into H2H skills.


Here's a three count siniwali as well


One strikes and one returns at all times so there is no interruption to the strikes, they are fast and furious and end fights with several blows quickly.

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