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Gun Show Orlando Today

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Went down today and glad I did. Steady stream of people but not at all crowded like it has been. I could actually walk freely, get up to the tables and get the vendors attention. Even Georgia Arms was easy to get into and out of, less than 10 minutes in line not 30 or more. Maybe the panic is subsiding.
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Are gun shows family oriented? I have never been to one personally but there is one coming up Aug 1 in Green Cove Springs and my wife and I would like to go but we have a 2 year old. Would we be out of place if we brought him or should we be looking for a sitter?
Depends on the show. I've been to a few that had stuff for kids to do and see, and I've been to some that I didn't want to be in..Location makes a difference. Big arena leaves more room for all sorts of vendors...Hope that helps.
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