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Gun Bussiness Is Brisk...to Say The Least...

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...Acording to this recent news story published in the Tampa Tribune

By LAURA FRAZIER | The Tampa Tribune

Published: December 7, 2008

TAMPA - The Tampa Gun Show at the Florida State Fairgrounds is seeing record crowds this weekend -- fueled, in part, by fears that the Obama administration will ban assault weapons.

"The crowds are just unbelievable. It's really busy in there," said Connie Thomas, of Valrico, on Saturday. "And when you walk through, you keep hearing one word over and over again: Obama."

Throngs of people packed the parking lot and swamped the Charles M. Davis Special Events Center. Inside, hundreds of gun dealers and private collectors displayed an imposing cache of handguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories for sale or trade.

The gun show wraps up at 4 p.m today. The Sunday crowd was expected to be heavy, too.

Many people at the show Saturday said they believe the Obama administration will try to push through legislation introduced by Congress in 2007 banning the manufacture, sale and possession of semiautomatic rifles and ammunition. Many fear Obama will try to broaden the ban to include additional classifications of weapons and ammo.

"People are hedging their bets against the possibility that law-abiding citizens won't be able to buy guns or ammunition to protect themselves," said Stephen Lyons of Sarasota, an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

The gun show runs through 4 p.m. today at the Florida State Fairgrounds, 4800 U.S. Highway 301 N. Admission is $8 for adults. Children younger than 12 get in free. Those younger than 18 must come with an adult
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Wow...a newspaper story about guns that was factual, accurate and didn't try to demonize guns or gun owners. Simply amazing. :clap
The gun that organizes the gun shows in Florida was interviewed on the Schnitt Show about the Tampa show. He said that the amount of people actually buying versus looking was up by at least 50%. The positive thing about this is that Americans are now exercising their 2A rights more given the potential risk of loosing it.
Great article, thanks for posting.
I went to the Ft Myers show today...... "assault" rifles out the wazzoo! Most all prices (including handguns, mags, and ammo) were list +20% Gawd!
Supply and Demand :D
West Palm Beach Gun Show is this coming weekend at the fairgrounds :dancingbanana. Dec 20th & 21st.
Prob the same vendors there. There were a few deals to be had, but most were just nuts.

Of the "assault" rifles (I hate calling them that) there, only a couple were under $1500. Notably a Bushmaster and a real Colt AR-15 at $1100 each... which if I had the cash would have snapped up!
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