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Greetings From The Panhandle

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Hello, my name is Chris and I live in Pace, FL which is near Pensacola. I grew up in New Jersey and after high school I joined the Marine Corps. After my hitch with the Corps I became a Firefighter and EMT working for the county I live in. I have now moved here to sunny Florida to enjoy the rest of my life. I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hunting and fishing. I am also a licensed amateur radio operator with a General Class endorsement. I am a believer in the rights of all Americans to keep AND bear arms. I also believe that a well armed citizen can prevent crime to himself and others. This is my reason for submitting for a concealed carry permit.

8/30/2009 - Took CCW Class/Completed Finger Print Scan/Paperwork.
9/11/2009 - Mailed all paperwork USPS Priority Mail w/Confirmation (USPS Tracking Never Did Show Delivery)
9/18/2009 - Check Cashed
12/18/2009 - Called and checked status, was told something in my background was being investigated.
1/8/2010 - Received Card in Mail

112 days total from check being cashed until receiving card.

I will continue to update this entry as my application progresses along.

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Welcome Chris from another new member from the panhandle. Congratulations on getting through the first steps. Hope your wait isn't long. Keep us posted!
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