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Greetings from Oviedo

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Hi all. I'm planning to lurk here now as well as some of the other FL gun forums. :)

If you didn't know already, it's pronounced oh-vee-doh. :drinks
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Welcome to the forum from Or-lan-do to oh-vee-doh :drinks
Greetings LurkMastR,

Glad you came out of lurkdom to post and make us aware of your presence.

LOL, welcome to the forums! We've got a good crowd here. :)
I thought that was you lurking around here :rolf. Welcome.
Welcome Aboard :thumsup
Welcome LurkMastR, I've always called it Vee-der-ville or O-vee-Do! Years ago, I took sailplane lessons at the Flying Seminole Ranch, a small grass airstrip just East of Oviedo.
Hi LurkMastR,

Welcome to the forum from South Flor-ido to oh-vee-doh :thumsup
Welcome from the Port Charlotte area

Welcome LurkMastR from Pembroke Pines. :drinks
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I'll try to not lurk all the time. God knows we need someone to speak up occasionally and stick their foot in their mouth. :D

Welcome to "oh-vee-doh", from "Tammmmmmm-pa". :rolf

Feel free to lurk around here all you wish, and don't worry about 'foot-in-the-mouth' disease, that happens to us all here once in awhile.:D
Welcome lurk from North Port and feel free to lurk about, enjoy.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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