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Greetings from KC

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First off, hello to all and thanks for allof the infomative info on the site.

I have a question; I applied for a non-resident CCW on December 12, 2008 and still to this date have not recieved it. I have called three times over the last month and am always told it is in review.

Today I started asking where in review, I was told FBI so I asked for a contact name & number, no number and then was told it was in-house for review; that something must have cought thier eye? They can go back 30 years you know...I do not know what it would be for, maybe a speeding ticket from the early 90's?

Anyway, I do understand they are flooded with applications for CCW's but five months is getting out of hand. Should I just shut up and keep waiting? I was told they can take as long as they want from the lady who answered the phone...

Thanks in Advance,
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i would give them some more time. i sent mine in around 12/17/08 and just got it a week ago.
Any chance you called to ask about the permit and was told it is in review? I have never done anything wrong but this concerns me...
I don't think calling made much of a differaece. i called 4 times on mine and i didn't call on my wife's and there was only a week difference.
Welcome aboard, Mike. You might want to check out the CWP Timelines thread in the License Questions forum. :drinks
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