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Got to Love my Wife

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Those of you who followed the "wife changes her mind" thread can relate to this. Ok, the Kel-Tec 32 lasted about 2 weeks before it wasn't enough.

We went to the gun show here in Panama City today. My wife actually waited as I sorted through some possible scopes for by Bushmaster. About a half hour later, I made my pick. She's still with me and OK with the purchase (I gotta love my wife).

So we continue checking out the many gun tables. She decides she really likes the Bersa Thunder 380. She decides it's just her size and weight. Several vendors had the gun, but I'm thinking Ed over at Bay Multi-Services can beat any price. Sure enough, Ed has one in stock and for a better price than at the gun show. Yep, we got it, along with an extra magazine, and some ammo..

Being the guy I am, I decide it may be my lucky day. So I say, "Hey Ed, got any Wolf .223?" He did, (hollow points no less) so I picked up a 100 rounds. She never batted an eye. I gotta love that girl, she's a keeper! :drinks
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Dude, what's yours is hers and what's hers is hers :rolf. Be careful what you started it can get quite expensive. :laughing

Just kidding....Glad to here it's going ok :clap
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